About us


The role and mission of the Masaryk Memorial Institute is to provide a cultural, educational, and athletic centre for the general benefit of all, whether or not of Czechoslovak origin and to promote the collection and dissemination of the best in Canadian and Czech and Slovak literature and art, and to offer relief and assistance to needy members of the community.

Our organization has a long and fascinating history and today we are busily engaged in numerous activities which include:

  • publishing the newspaper: ‘New Homeland’ with an English supplement,
  • running a very successful Czech language school for children,
  • maintaining a Czech language library with priceless volumes of historical value,
  • overseeing the large life-lease project: Masaryk Park Homes preserving a 22 acre magnificent park with an outdoor swimming pool which serves as our home where we maintain a lively event calendar and features the unique Prague Restaurant which dishes up traditional cuisine.

All of these programs and events are featured by Masaryk Memorial Institute and make up the heart of the community for all who are either members or interested in Czech and Slovak culture.

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